Assessment Information

Assessment Information


Equalization Rate 56%
Residential Ratio 56%
Uniform Level of Assessment 56%
Taxable Status Date March 1st
Valuation Date July 1st
Tentative Roll May 1st
Grievance Day Fourth Tuesday in May
Final Roll July 1st
Last Revaluation 2014
Number of Parcels in Municipality 2032
Exemption Information:

The Town of Hartland currently participates in the following exemption programs

STAR is now a check program- To qualify must own and reside as permanent address and you will receive a Check from the State instead of the STAR.  
Enhanced Star  To qualify must own and reside as permanent address, be 65 years or older, income driven of less than $98000
Low income over 65 To qualify must own and reside as permanent address, be 65 years or older, total income of household sliding scale
Disabled Must show proof of disability, Award letter, income driven, own and reside as permanent address
Veterans Must show DD214, selected years of service for qualifications
Agricultural  Farmers must earn $10,000 over a two year continuous cycle, proof required

Other Information:

This office will inspect a property for reassessment upon the request of the owner.  This would have to be a physical inspection of both inside and outside the property.  For a reassessment of the property, pictures that are brought in by homeowners will have to be verified.

We in the Town will help with any questions that you might have on how their property assessment was determined. The Assessors office maintains ownerships and transfer of properties for the assessment roll.  We pride ourselves with educated, fair, and equitable services to the people. Distribution of the tax burden rests on total value of the town.

Professional Expertise: The local Assessor knows their municipality.  The duties of the Assessor have changed dramatically over the years and goes far beyond simply valuing properties.  Knowledge of statistical analysis, mass appraisal techniques and New York State Real Property Tax Laws are now requirements of the position.

DID YOU KNOW: that the local Assessor is an invaluable information resource for E911, the census bureau, law enforcement, planning and zoning boards, historical societies and rapidly changing technology issues?   Tax departments rely on the Assessors to correct errors in tax bills and direct bills to the appropriate owners.  Planning, Zoning and Building Codes appreciate our knowledge of the municipality when dealing with master planning, development and construction issues.



When Using the Real Property Search Just Use House Numbers!!



Sole Appointed Assessor
Michael S. Hartman
8942 Ridge Rd
Gasport, NY 14067
Phone: 716-735-7778
Fax: 716-735-3061
Website: /
This office is open Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 8-4 by appointment on Saturdays, don't by shy, I am here to help



Revaluation Project Possible for 2024

Apples to Apples

When doing research for your informal hearing about the assessment on your home, please keep in mind that "foreclosures, auctions, and between relatives" are not good sales in the market

Thank You

Uniform Percentage of Value
The percentage of market value (full value) used by an assessing unit to establish uniform assessments. This value must appear on the tentative roll. Real Property Tax Law Section 305 specifies, "all real property in each assessing unit shall be assessed at a uniform percentage of value..."

Taxable Status Date
The ownership and physical condition of real property as of this date are assessed (valued) according to price fixed as of the valuation date. All applications for property exemptions must be filed with the assessor by this date.

Residential Assessment Ratio (RAR)
A percentage established by the State Board of Real Property Services according to law, using the ratio of assessed value to the sales price for each usable residential sale in a recent one-year period. Ratios are then listed from highest to lowest; the midpoint (median) ratio is selected as the RAR. The RAR can be used to prove that a residential property is assessed at a higher level than other homes on the assessment roll. Your locality's RAR indicates at what percent of full value residential properties are assessed. For example, a RAR of 20 indicates that residential properties are assessed at approximately 20 percent of their full value.

Equalization Rate
"State equalization rate" means the percentage of full value at which taxable real property in a county, city, town or village is assessed as determined by the state board." (RPTL Section 102) The rate is a ratio of the sum of the locally determined assessed values for all taxable parcels for a given assessment roll divided by ORPS's estimate of total full value for that same roll.